The brand is introduced

Our company office address is located in chongqing in chongqing,In2016Years01Month20In nanping in nanan distract of chongqing city west road27NumberBUnit2aa0003Number was established,The registered capital is20Wan,In the company's development3In the year,We always provide comprehensive support to our customers、A sound pre-sale、Sale and after-sales service,Our company is mainly engaged in catering training,Training of snacks,Grilled fish on the paper,We have the professional team of chongqing keeping training services,Company is chongqing education、Training in the industry well-known enterprises,If you are interested in our company chongqing keeping training,Look forward to your online message or to inquire。

My companyManagement of chongqing face training,Catering training,Training of snacks,Paper such as grilled fish in users won a good reputation,My company will, as always, with excellent service、Reasonable price,To become the first-class enterprise。My companyIs located in chongqing,The geographical position is superior,The environment is exquisite,The transportation is convenient。The company was founded in2016Years01Month20Day,Companies rely on the first-class service、High quality employees,In order to"The good faith、Friendliness、Efficient、Innovation"The spirit of enterprise,The pursuit of excellence,Go to great lengths to provide users with perfect、Efficient service。 Since its establishment,Have been to“Development innovation,The good faith management,Reasonable pricing”For the idea。Companies adhering to the“The customer is supreme,Forge ahead”The management idea,Insist on honesty,The principle of customer first,For the majority of users to provide quality services。 In order to“Mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit,To create a win-win situation”Is the management idea。Sincere cooperation with you,Serve you wholeheartedly。 Adhere to honesty,The service tenet of customer first,Welcome new and old customers to inquire,Negotiation。

The company is located in the city of chongqing cuisine,Company set technical training、Technology research and development、Open a shop、The late service as a whole,Take one to one teaching mode、To students as the center、Let the students themselves,Learned so far。The company insists on“Health、Nutrition、Science、Innovation”Food and beverage concept。

The company all of the teachers level chefs have many years of field experience,Teacher training covers the hot pot、Little training、Training of snacks、River's lake、Grilled fish training and other fields,Taste authentic,Students can taste satisfied before training。The companyTo want to start a business、Want to invest in food and beverage industry provides a good learning platform,Get students received numerous,Witness and set up shop to guide countless students succeed。

Here you are,You can not only learn authentic technology,Can also learn how to open a shop,How to site selection,How to run,Even if you never had a food and beverage industry experience,Can also open a shop。

Our mission is to provide to join in service,Only accept the price of the training;Our company policy is to train a,Teach one,Open a shop,A success。

The company in good faith based on the society,Founded the brand by quality and service,Teach students for the purpose,With advanced management idea the steadfast steady style,The principle of integrity win-win continuous conveying catering sector elite for the society。