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Gongyi city yu work particles machine factory to elaborating intelligent pursuit of high quality equipment

Gongyi city yu work particles machine factory as a professional manufacturer of biomass particles equipment production and sales,Yu has been adhering to the work“Detail decides success or failure”Manufacturing concept,With high quality and good reputation solid market;With their own wisdom and hard work,Draw seriously summed up the use of the customer experience,Inherit the advantage,To improve the deficiencies,The development and production out of the third generation of vertical ring die pellet machine,Further promote the biomass granulating equipment more hasten is excellent。Sell a device,Make a friend,Win a piece of word of mouth,Create a market,From heilongjiang customer base,Our customer base in shandong province,To zhejiang customer base and customer base in guangxi,Then Vietnam agent,To Malaysia, distribution and service providers,And then to Thailand,Indian dealers and partners in Italy,Yu granule machine with substantial and durable quality and good prestige,Carve out a piece of their own market。

    Gongyi city yu pellet machine factory equipment is introduced

My company biomass pellet equipment mainly includes:Biomass pellet machine、Sawdust pellet machine、The straw pellet machine、Sawdust pellet machine and other environmental protection equipment

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